Voucher: Personal Photoshoot + Framed print 20x30cm

Have you been wanting to do a photoshoot with me but didn’t know how to make it happen? Or do you have a friend or family member that is interested and you want to gift it to them? Maybe you want to buy a print but couldn’t decide on what photo?
This voucher will give you that opportunity and also includes a framed signed fine art print of your favorite photo from the shoot. This way you will have a personal artwork created with you and specifically for you!

What this voucher offers:

  • Personal 3 hour photoshoot in my studio in Alkmaar, NL that gives you a safe space where you can artfully explore your body on your own terms.
  • 6 edited photos in my signature style, specifically for you.
  • A framed signed fine art 20x30cm print of your choosing from your shoot.
    Archival Pigment print floats in an all wooden handmade black frame behind museum art glass. Frame is 27 x 37cm.

The purpose of this shoot is to explore your human form not only for what it is; an ever-changing, living, breathing form that’s wrapped in skin – but also explore all the things it could possibly become.
Our insecurities, beliefs, traumas and experiences make it that certain body parts can start to carry the weight of shame, judgement and pain with them over time. In this shoot we will be abstracting and separating those specific parts from your body and create art with them.
How would you feel if you decide to create with your human form embracing all dualities and vulnerabilities?

With this shoot I offer an opportunity to explore all the shapes and forms with and within your body without changing a thing about your body itself. Let me show you that regardless of how you feel about your human form, you are the embodiment of an art piece in the broadest sense of the word.

Once voucher is purchased, I will email you personally to check in and see who the voucher is for and when you would like to shoot.
Voucher is valid for 365 days after purchase.