Special Edition Book: “In the Absence of Eye” (including small signed print)


Photography: Sara Punt
Book design: Sara Punt, Roy Kahmann
Foreword: Sara Punt, Tiana Bryant
Poetry: Kendrick Etmon
Format: Hardcover, 24 x 34 cm / 9 x 13 inches, 248 pages
Year: 2021
Language: English
Print: “Needle”, 13 x 16 cm / 5 x 6 inches on Hahnemuhle paper

First and only edition of 25 signed and numbered copies containing an original tipped-in photograph.

The first monograph of Sara Punt presents a collection of more than 160 photos of her best work created between 2018 and 2021. Even though Sara’s work is purely photographic, she looks at bodies more like a sculptor than a photographer. Exploring the naked body as an ever changing work of art, she molds and aesthetically abstracts the human form in order to not only see the body for what it is, but also all the things it could possibly become.This book captures her journey-to-self through the exploration of others. It allows the viewer to see the human form through her eyes, and simultaneously gives the viewer room to question their own – as this book holds more than just Sara’s photography.


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