Shoot Inquire

3 hour shoot in my studio in Alkmaar, the Netherlands.

6 edited photos in my signature style, specifically for you.

I will provide a safe space where you can explore the art within your body
on your own terms.

The purpose of this shoot is to explore your human body not only for what it is; an ever-changing, living, breathing form that’s wrapped in skin –
but also explore all the things it could possibly become.

Our insecurities, beliefs, traumas and experiences make it that sometimes certain body parts start to carry a lot of weight with them over time. By holding on to that weight, we can often feel completely lost in our own human form. What would happen to that weight if you separate those parts from your body? How would you feel when you decide to create with your human form in all dualities and vulnerability?

With this shoot I offer a safe space to explore all the shapes and forms with and within your body without changing a thing about the body itself. Let me show you that regardless of how you feel about your human form, you are an embodiment of art in the broadest sense of the word.