Let me help you find your visual signature
Are you a photographer or visual creator on the path of finding your visual language? And are looking for tools and

advice to help you identify what makes your work unique?

Elements like form, composition, story telling, color use and the process of editing and selecting your work all

contribute to your visual signature. What distinctive combination of these elements will create a recognizable style
thats personal to you? And how do you make a visually cohesive series that communicates your story?

I have spent years fine-tuning my signature style with much trail and error. Besides my personal experiments, I also
learned a lot from stepping into the gallery world, getting feedback from specialists, (co-)curating my exhibitions and
designing my monograph “In the Absence of Eye”.
I am excited to share what I have learned with you and give you the tools that have helped me in my own process

of finding my siganture style.

What I offer:
• A 4 hour sit down with me in my studio in Alkmaar, Netherlands.

• Practices to get a better understanding of who you are in your artistry and how to communicate that through your work.

• Tools to find that ‘thing’ that makes you unique and how to cultivate it.

• My personal perspective on your work.

I want you to walk away with new sources of inspiration, a better understanding of the ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ behind
your work and tools to further the path of fine-tuning your signature style as a full-cirle visual concept that you can

build on.

Are you interested in a consultation with me? Contact me for more details and pricing.